Nubble in Black and White

Black and White Photography

I’m not sure exactly why, but my favorite images tend to be black and white. It’s probably because I shot mostly without color when I was just starting out. Well, I really started with those throw away cameras with the film preloaded, then quickly onto a point-n-shoot where I learned I needed more control of what I was doing. So I purchased my first SLR and signed up for an intro photography course that was all about developing black and white film and making prints from the negative.

I really got into the course and loved using the various developing techniques we were being taught. I read everything I could find on photography and developing and I loved thumbing through old photo books trying to figure out what the photographers did to produce those images (see note below). Since I was already working in black and white, I gravitated to the same when I was looking at images from others. I read most, if not all, of Ansel Adams books and like most people, fell in love with his images. I also liked learning the history of photography to see how we got to where we are. There weren’t too many color images in any of those books either so, I guess you can say I was brainwashed into liking black and white photography, but I embraced it and am not complaining at all.


Nubble in Black and White

After my friends and I left the lighthouse, we went to eat at a great seafood restaurant down the road. When we were ready to burst from all the fantastic food, we left and headed to my buddy’s place to relax for the night . We all sat around drinking adult beverages and chatting until someone suggested we play the board game Risk. I had never played or don’t remember playing as a kid, but it didn’t take long to learn and the competition in it made for some fun moments. As competitive as all four of us were however, meant that nobody was willing to give in and the game went late into the night as did the consuming of beverages.

Luckily, because of those late drinks, the fact that I never set my alarm didn’t cost me an early morning trip back to Nubble. Nature’s alarm clock woke me right around sunrise and after screwing my head back on, I jumped in the car and rushed over to the lighthouse. There were still lingering effects from the previous days’s storm, but the sun did come out a little. I took photos for about an hour before my headache brought me back to the house instead of my planned trip north to Kennebunkport. That would have to wait for another time.

I went back and napped for a few hours before I had to head home. After saying my goodbyes, I decided, even though it was noontime and probably not the best light, to stop at Nubble one last time. Because of the increased light and therefore contrast, I thought a black and white image would look best. I bracketed to make sure I captured the full range of light giving many options in edit later on. A few more clicks of the shutter and I was on my way home.

Nubble in Black and White


Tomorrow, providing the cold I’m fighting doesn’t take me down for the count, I’ll be posting a wild scene of ducks.


Note: Studying Images: Studying various images is a great way to learn. Look all around the images you like. See where the light is coming from. See what they let go all black or blown out white. How much detail was left in the shadows or how much grain there is. After that, ask yourself what you would have done different if you were the photographer (Just don’t tell them unless they ask! Most people don’t take that very well).


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