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Nubble Lighthouse – York, ME

Before I get into any photography related information, I wanted to share a new site related to the Newtown tragedy.  It’s the Sandy Hook Promise website and I am proud to have taken their pledge earlier today. You can too by clicking the link above.  I also updated the Newtown the Beautiful page that you can always get to by clicking the ribbon that’s at the bottom of the right hand column. I added some new links as well.


Who To Follow – Zach Frailey aka…The Uprooted Photographer

I first found out who Zack was back when I was learning about HDR photography. I had been following a few photographers already on the subject and one of them, Trey Ratcliff, had just launched a new, member based website, HDR Spotting.  I really wanted to become one of those members, but team Trey had an ingenious caveat to joining.  You needed a unique code to get in, and that code was only given to current members in good standing.  I’m not sure how many codes were given to Zack, but when I googled around, looking for a way to get my own code, I came across an offer he had.  It basically said, like his Facebook page, The Uprooted Photographer, and he would give you the code.  So I did, but unfortunately, I was too late.  Someone else received his last code before me.  Oh well, search continued on, but I didn’t drop his page and still haven’t today.

Zack Frailey might not be the biggest name right now, but if he’s not in the Major Leagues of photography, he’s certainly in the minors about to be called up.  I’m envious of Zack in many ways because, at least from what I can tell, he lives photography most of the time.  I always enjoy seeing his images and reading what he has to write.  Both his blog and the Facebook page are updated frequently with insightful information.  I think I would be more that way myself if I didn’t have my 9to5 every day, but that’s the price to pay for having two work loves. So yes, I am envious, but not jealous. I’ll just have to keep following Zack to  satisfy that need for knowledge.

You can get his info and links to all his social media outlets at The Uprooted Photographer.  Definately worth the follow.


Nubble Lighthouse – York, ME

After I left Gloucester(see previous post here), I continued up the eastern coastline till I reached York, Me.  I was about an hour early for meeting my friends, so I headed right for the place I was looking forward to the most; Nubble Lighthouse.

It’s really a remarkable view right from the parking lot, but of course I didn’t stay there.  No, I climbed down onto the lower rocks so I could capture a dramatic view of the lighthouse as the waves came crashing in.  They weren’t very large waves, but they would splash wildly as they careened onto the rocks.  I studied them for a short time to see where I could set up without getting soaked and then moved in when I felt comfortable.

It was starting to get dark out, and the cool fall air was starting to really howl as I snapped a few sets of photos.  I remember feeling very excited to be there, but also tired from the long trip I’d been on so far that day.  A few seconds after I took the set for the image below, a larger wave came in and soaked me and my equipment when it crashed. I quickly moved to a higher spot, but getting wet on a cold windy night like that was enough for me to pack it in.  My friends would be showing up a few minutes later anyway.  I did managed to get some personal shots of all of us when they showed up, but I don’t look to happy in any of them. That couldn’t be further from the truth however.  I had a great day of photography and was about to hang out with some friends I don’t get to see very often.  I just needed to warm up!

Nubble Light - York, ME


Come back tomorrow as I wrap up my trip with another of the lighthouse and find out why playing the game Risk almost cost me my morning photos!

Sunrise – Cape Cod National Seashore

As a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to share this website I heard about on one of Gavin Seim’s podcasts (It was on podcast #85). That site is The Framed Network. I just signed up myself, but from what I have seen so far, there is a ton of FREE photography related information in the form of video episodes where they dive deep into many topics. I have one playing as I write this (always multitasking) and photographer Joel Grimes is talking about Photoshop and giving an example of a composite he made. I paid for 12 months of training videos from an excellent pool of photographers a few years back. The videos were great but I always felt guilty when I wasn’t watching enough or at least what I considered enough for what I paid. I can tell you that the first two videos I watched on this site are of the same quality.


Cape Cod

I still remember being a kid vacationing in The Cape with my family. We used to wake up really early (hated that) so we can get a good spot at Nauset Beach before all the “normal” people showed up. Just as the parking lot was being closed as full, we would be making our exit, with a nap in my near future (I was lucky to make it out of the parking lot some days).

I never appreciated those post-beach rides my dad loved to go on. First, I had usually spent the morning riding waves over and over again, so not much was going to keep my tired little body awake; and second, I wasn’t impressed with The Cape’s beauty as much as my parents were. They could drive around for hours exploring all the side roads along the shoreline, stopping every once in a while to take in some seascape, luxury home, or fishing pier. I would usually be dreaming about a possible trip to the go-kart track that we would be passing on the way back to our place, hoping that today was the day my dad would stop. But my dad would usually take a different route on the day we finally did stop at the track (I never understood back then why we couldn’t go every day) to surprise me and my sister. I love being a dad now and teasing my own children, just like my dad did with me, but nothing beats being a kid on go-kart day!


Sunrise – Cape Cod National Seashore

Flash forward to this past summer and I’m waking up at 4 a.m. to leave my parents’ recently-purchased condo to go photograph that very beauty I ignored as a child. Mom, Dad and the rest of my family were sleeping away as I headed out.   The one thing I hate about the summer, other than the heat, the noisy neighbors and a bunch of other stuff, is the time that the sun rises.  Six a.m.comes way too fast on vacation, but knowing I might miss the best time to photograph helps me to get up and out of bed. The silver lining is that at least I am back with the family just as they are waking up or a little after. Unfortunately, because of my early rise, I will need a nap at some point during the day — just like when I was a kid!

Sunrise - Cape Cod National Seashore


Tomorrow? Action!