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Sunrise – Cape Cod National Seashore

As a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to share this website I heard about on one of Gavin Seim’s podcasts (It was on podcast #85). That site is The Framed Network. I just signed up myself, but from what I have seen so far, there is a ton of FREE photography related information in the form of video episodes where they dive deep into many topics. I have one playing as I write this (always multitasking) and photographer Joel Grimes is talking about Photoshop and giving an example of a composite he made. I paid for 12 months of training videos from an excellent pool of photographers a few years back. The videos were great but I always felt guilty when I wasn’t watching enough or at least what I considered enough for what I paid. I can tell you that the first two videos I watched on this site are of the same quality.


Cape Cod

I still remember being a kid vacationing in The Cape with my family. We used to wake up really early (hated that) so we can get a good spot at Nauset Beach before all the “normal” people showed up. Just as the parking lot was being closed as full, we would be making our exit, with a nap in my near future (I was lucky to make it out of the parking lot some days).

I never appreciated those post-beach rides my dad loved to go on. First, I had usually spent the morning riding waves over and over again, so not much was going to keep my tired little body awake; and second, I wasn’t impressed with The Cape’s beauty as much as my parents were. They could drive around for hours exploring all the side roads along the shoreline, stopping every once in a while to take in some seascape, luxury home, or fishing pier. I would usually be dreaming about a possible trip to the go-kart track that we would be passing on the way back to our place, hoping that today was the day my dad would stop. But my dad would usually take a different route on the day we finally did stop at the track (I never understood back then why we couldn’t go every day) to surprise me and my sister. I love being a dad now and teasing my own children, just like my dad did with me, but nothing beats being a kid on go-kart day!


Sunrise – Cape Cod National Seashore

Flash forward to this past summer and I’m waking up at 4 a.m. to leave my parents’ recently-purchased condo to go photograph that very beauty I ignored as a child. Mom, Dad and the rest of my family were sleeping away as I headed out.   The one thing I hate about the summer, other than the heat, the noisy neighbors and a bunch of other stuff, is the time that the sun rises.  Six a.m.comes way too fast on vacation, but knowing I might miss the best time to photograph helps me to get up and out of bed. The silver lining is that at least I am back with the family just as they are waking up or a little after. Unfortunately, because of my early rise, I will need a nap at some point during the day — just like when I was a kid!

Sunrise - Cape Cod National Seashore


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