The idea for this blog began three years ago with a simple idea. OK, I am not the quickest cat on the block, but back in March of 2010, I was looking for an easy way to sell my nature photographs and also a way to give back some of the photography knowledge I have picked up over the years.


The Name

After that tough decision came the easy choice of a domain name.  Well, it was far from easy for my obsessive-compulsive brain.  Nothing seemed to fit until I thought about what I really wanted to highlight as my specialty… and that it wasn’t a specialty at all. I love to take, edit, manipulate, and display my photographs, but I also love my 9-to-5 job where I am a resident geek.  Mainly a programmer, but also an analyst, troubleshooter and occasionally a videographer and editor.

So you see?  I am not looking to get away from all of that.  I simply have two things that I love doing and since photography offers the ultimate in flex time, I don’t have to stress about making them work together.


The Header Image

The main reason it took so long from conception to go live was the design.  I wanted something that showed off what I love about photography, especially using PhotoShop to manipulate the final image to my vision. So I went through my library of photos and picked out ones that I thought could highlight what I consider my better traits as a photographer.  I then took those images into one and added or subtracted elements to make them appear as though they fit together.  It took a long time before I was happy with it and called it finished, but I am very proud of this composite!



Chris McGuire

I have three amazing  kids that inspire me to work harder, play more, and love deeper than I ever thought imaginable.

I photograph when it suits me, which is often, but I also go through periods when I don’t take a photo for a while.  I don’t recommend that as I think you stay sharper when shooting all the time, but I have such a backlog of un-edited photos that I get discouraged from adding more to the pile once in a while.

I was born in Central Connecticut and have remained here all of my 39 years.  I love New England and all it’s beauty and as a contrast I work in the capital city of Hartford. You can see it in the header image in the upper right.   As you can see, it has it’s own beauty.


Photo Sales

You can purchase any image from this blog at the following address: http://chrismcguire.smugmug.com/



Please click here to contact me if you would like to advertise on afterthe9to5.com


Thanks for visiting and please come back often,

Chris McGuire




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  1. Rosalyn Lachapelle says:

    So very glad that Starlene posted your site on my page, Chris~~This is great! You go, guy! Love your pictures~~


    • Thanks Roz! Sorry I have been so silent on Facebook, but I have been spending a lot of time getting this ready, among many other things, but I see your posts all the time and love seeing that part of CT in your photos.

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