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First of all, I’m sorry for not having any posts in a while. Life takes priority sometimes and this is one of those. I’ll get back to posting more regularly soon, but for now, I will when I can.


Reflection – Middlebury, CT

I had intended to wait till fall before posting this image, but after more than a week of personal reflection, I decided it’s just as relevant now as it would be then. For me anyway and it’s my blog, so I get final say 🙂

I have always liked this image a lot. The autumn colors flow really well together and the abstract composition kind of gives it a Monet quality. I have tried to take similar photos since this one, but none have that little extra something that I think this one does.


I hope to post again soon…


Hartford Cityscape

Taken from the stairwell up to the highway overpass at Charter Oak Landing.

Hartford Cityscape

Have a nice weekend!



We see them every day.  Some just don’t listen!



I have heard them referred to as the rodents of the sky.  I have probably reused the phrase a handful of times myself, but for the photographer just starting out, they can be the perfect subject.

For one, if you live or take trips near the water, they are always available for their close up. Blog750_37b_20101001-0130-2

And if you can get to a fish pier, the numbers of seagulls are overwhelming when the boats come in with their catch of the day. Blog750_37c_CapeCod_055-Edit

Sometimes they add a different perspective to a common scene. Blog750_37d_20101001-0148-2-Edit

And they are always around to practice portrait work.Blog750_37e_20101001-0175-2-Edit


Gulls – Hubbard Park, Meriden, CT

This is a rare event for me and not one you should get used to, but I’m posting an image from a photo I took today.  I needed to leave work early in order to be at an award ceremony for my oldest daughter.  She is a very talented piano player and one of only two students from her school to receive this special award for the arts (OK, proud daddy moment done).

So traffic ended up being much better than I expected and I had a few extra minutes to head over to Hubbard park for an image to finish this post.  I was actually looking for an image to be up above, but when I saw this one, I decided to make it the feature image.  The light from the setting sun was perfect and it took less than 5 minutes to get some nice photos including this one.  Happy with what I captured; I was off to the ceremony. I’m really happy with this image but it doesn’t come close to how happy and proud my big girl makes me as a dad.  Congrats Cailin!



They usually are bothersome; they usually ruin any bird feeder in the yard; they have no idea how to react to an oncoming car; and yet they are pretty cute when you can zoom in and get up close to them.  I had the luxury of our storm door between us on this day, so the outside reflections let me get close without surprising him.  After I got a few decent shots I wanted to get one of him looking back at me, so I lightly tapped on the glass with the front of my lens.  As soon as he looked up, I captured this shot of the little guy!




Moss Glen Falls

Blog750_35b_20080812_0356On just about every vacation to Vermont, I have photographed Moss Glen Falls in Granville.  It is probably the most photographed waterfall in the state, so I try and get there early in the morning to beat the rush of people.  It also makes getting long exposures easier due to the lack of light reaching down into the valley that early.


Blog750_35c_20080809_0044-1-EditCloser to the parking area is Little Moss Glen Falls.  As the name suggests, it is smaller than the main falls, but it has a special beauty all its own.  Other than quick stops with the family on our way home, I like to really take my time finding new and unique ways to shoot both.


Moss Glen Falls – Granville, VT

While on one of our trips back in 2009, I wanted to photograph the falls in a way I hadn’t seen before.  Not an easy task considering how many images you’ll find if you simply do a Google image search for it.

So early in the morning, I headed to the falls and looked all over for something different to capture.  I took some traditional shots like so many others before me, but then decided to cut off the falls close to the bottom.  I tried a few different angles and vantage points before finding this one.  I knew right away I had something unique to anything I’ve seen, and more important than that, a beautiful version of my favorite waterfall.

Moss Glen Falls

Incoming Pigeon

Since the birds won the big superbowl game tonight, I thought it fitting to post one of favorite bird shots.  This was the first assignment for the only photography class I took in college.  It was a simple, go to a park and shoot what you see.  Well, I saw a boy and his mother throwing popcorn for all the pigeons and then running away from them to do it again from another spot.

There were hundreds of birds flying around and I finally got into a good position for capturing them with my camera when the boy tossed up the popcorn for the last time.  I focused on one pigeon as he flew near and snapped off three quick shots. Unlike today, I had no idea whether I captured anything worth keeping, but when I processed the film, I was very pleased with this image.

I was learning to use the darkroom at the same time and I remember focusing a lot of my first few days on this image.  I tried many different techniques, but in the end, a straight forward, normal exosure was all that was needed.


Rays From Above


Days pass and we move on

Pain fades but never goes away

Legacies remain yet changed forever

Love carries on and so shall we


Walls protect yet they also hide

We care for others but at our own expense

It is OK to hurt and it’s OK to cry

I miss my friend and will never forget

Rays of Light

Sunset On The Bay

Every once in a while, someone will ask me why I don’t go into photography full time.  My answer is usually something short about how I like where I work and what I do.  That is true, but it leaves out how much I love the people I work with.  Sure, we have a few knuckleheads in the mix as my friend and coworker Adam would call them, but what family doesn’t?  And yes, we are a family; which makes today an especially difficult one for us.  We lost a brother; a father; and a friend, and we are left to be there for each other and try to make sense of the senseless.


Sunset On The Bay – Cape Cod

How can anyone give up the chance to see another one of these?